Welcome to the RECTOvERSO website

Environmental changes are now vastly documented for large areas of the Southern Ocean. The response of marine organisms and ecosystem processes to these changes are still not well understood. In this framework, insights in resilience, thresholds and tipping points for species, communities and ecosystems are of paramount importance. Addressing these endpoints is however highly complex, and requires robust, interdisciplinary and collaborative research networks to progressively reach a holistic understanding.

By design, our projects are intended to forge ahead and identify key areas of research in this respect, in line with the SCAR priorities. Building on the experience gathered by its long-term partners our developments are intentionally novel and ambitious (in their experimental, field and integration facets).

Funded by the Belgian Science Policy Office, RECTO and vERSO are two research projects aiming at understanding the potential effects of global change on Southern Ocean ecosystems. The consortia include teams that have a long history of collaboration and a strong expertise in Antarctic Research.

We strive at working in an open, collaborative fashion in the spirit of the Antarctic Treaty.

On this website, you will find general information about the projects, its members, about the expeditions we are taking part in. You will also have access to data and metadata, as well as to our latest publications.